try 歌词翻译

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try 歌词翻译

oh baby we can fight like dogs we can fight like cats 哦 宝贝 我们可以像猫狗一样淘气 因为你一直将彩蝶般的微笑送给我 if we just try try try 如果我们不断尝试 just to be ni-ni

If I walk would you run If I stop would you come If I say you're the one would you up above I will try for your love We've been hiding enough If I sing you a song would you

Try Try Try ——Jason Mraz T·R·Y Hey yo oh baby we can fight like dogs we can fight like cats a dirty laundry needs a laundry man maybe the king and the queen should lay

有两个版本的翻译 版本一: If i walk, would you run? 如果***近,你会逃避吗? If i 因为我们彼此都需要改变 And maybe i'm not ready 或许我没有准备妥当 But I'll try for

《Try》Colbie Caillat Put your make up on 化好妆容 Get your nails done 涂满指甲 Curl your hair 盘起长发 Run the extra mile 再跑一英里 Keep it slim so they like you,保持苗

try是尝试的意思 歌词是: 如果我走,你会停止运行,如果我想如果我说你来你就是你会相信我歌手是Asher Book 可以吗???

TRY-P!nk谐音歌词 给喔往的豹我嘿速问嗯, 好为倒涂嗯等来丝 ,素惨的坟me咧丝百来尔 ,次咧莫爱丝拐 歪比睿四儿塞来润可乐比佛累 歪比一丝佛累从它比隔尔佛 假丝

尝试, get up,放弃一切You just have to get up, try, buy it all;t have to change a single thing你不需要改变任何事You don'?Wait a second, try你不必尝试,尝试,尝试You don

Try –P!nk Ever wonder about what he's doing 曾今想知道他在做什么 How it all turned to lies 这一切是如何变成谎言 Sometimes I think that it's better to never ask why 有时我